Kiwi Edit

Kiwi is the main protagonist of Kiwi 64(hence the name). Kiwi is a small bird with two yellow feet, one long yellow beak and one red backpack on its back referencing the backpack of Banjo from Banjo and Kazooie. His skin is brown and he has two blue eyes on a small head. Its health is presented through a Kiwi fruit throughout the game(hence the name again).

Attacks Edit

Kiwi have two unique attacks throughout the game:

  • If you press left-click, It'll spin with its feet up creating an attack.
  • If you press Space(to jump) then press left-click, it'll spin like a drill and it'll attack with its beak creating a drill attack and it helps you from taking fall damage. This can beat enemy bananas.

Trivia Edit

  • He actually made a cameo in Macbat 64 and considered Macbat as his "spiritual" successor.

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