A collect-a-thon game that was created by Siactro that relives the old N64 games like banjo and kazooie, conker, Donkey kong Country and more. This game's main character is Kiwi which is a bird that has a red backpack on its back. You control your character in a land full of mushrooms and four divided places with one big mountain on the middle.

Plot Edit

The plot is about Kiwi trying to take over the Watermelon King from taking over the land by completing puzzles, solve quests and of course, collect valuable things. If you collect all 5 golden lamps you can defeat the Watermelon King and beat the game which you will recieve by completing the missions/quests.

Trivia Edit

  • Macbat 64 is a game and the successor of Kiwi 64
  • The music of this game is part of Jay Moser's album "Bear and Bird"

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