Watermelon King at the Bottom-Right Corner.

Watermelon King is the main antagonist who is planning to rule over the land. He often taunts you by telling Kiwi that he will fail in his mission to get him down from the mountain. He often speaks in rhymes when he taunts you and in the intro.

Appearance Edit

Watermelon King is a Watermelon with a big black mustache and purple eyes. He also has a crown to represent that he is "the king" of the land

Trivia Edit

  • Watermelon King can only be defeated if Kiwi have collected all 5 golden lamps in the game.
  • In the ending of the Second alpha demo of Macbat 64, we see a glimpse of what it seems to be Watermelon King and this informs that he will be returning.
    • That also might not be Watermelon King since at the ending we see that the crown has red gems while in Kiwi 64 Watermelon King's crown does not have any gems on it.

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